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      Hand holding plant


      The very best in category
      Organic, wildcrafted & sourced from their native soil
      Good for you, good for the planet

      Our products are not designed for skin “type” or to sell an unnecessary multi-step routine; they are deliberately created to be universal and multi-correctional - eliminating the need for anything else and reducing the multi-step skincare routine to the number one product for any category. Each one of our formulas is 100% pure.

      The story of Vanderohe has been shaped by a scientific study *** This research showed that plant oils sourced from plants grown in their native soils had significantly stronger therapeutic qualities with more potent benefits than those grown elsewhere. We are dedicated to creating only the highest quality and most effective products, therefore we source our ingredients from where they have evolved over thousands of years.

      Meticulous research has gone into finding trusted producers, certified by the strictest requirements of organic farming, involving frequent and consistent monitoring and inspection. We will only ever use certified organic or wild-crafted ingredients. This is essential in order to create the purest and most effective product, untainted by chemical additives. In this way, we are choosing oils whose farming helps to build soil fertility, minimise pollution and damage to the environment and that respects animal welfare. Where an ingredient is not certified organic, it is because that plant only grows wild, and in this case it will be certified pure and wild-crafted. Our ingredients and products are never subject to animal testing.

      * We are beholden to natural to seasonal changes in crops and production. Slight variations in colour and scent are part of the products beauty and uniqueness and a reflection of our non-synthetic nature and 100% plant ingredients.